(Quote from fortune-cookie)

	"I have examined Bogota," he said, "and the case is clearer to me.
I think very probably he might be cured."
	"That is what I have always hoped," said old Yacob.
	"His brain is affected," said the blind doctor.
	The elders murmured assent.
	"Now, what affects it?"
	"Ah!" said old Yacob.
	"This," said the doctor, answering his own question.  "Those queer
things that are called the eyes, and which exist to make an agreeable soft
depression in the face, are diseased, in the case of Bogota, in such a way
as to affect his brain.  They are greatly distended, he has eyelashes, and
his eyelids move, and cosequently his brain is in a state of constant
irritation and distraction."
	"Yes?" said old Yacob.  "Yes?"
	"And I think I may say with reasonable certainty that, in order
to cure him completely, all that we need do is a simple and easy surgical
operation -- namely, to remove those irritant bodies."
	"And then he will be sane?"
	"Then he will be perfectly sane, and a quite admirable citizen."
	"Thank heaven for science!" said old Yacob.
		-- H. G. Wells, "The Country of the Blind"

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